When people use terms like ‘Godsend’, ‘miraculous’, ‘phenomenal’ and  ‘life-saver’ about a simple piece of equipment you know it’s an absolute winner. The knee scooter is changing the lives of people recuperating from a below knee injury.

The official definition is: ‘A mobility device designed for your recovery from a foot or  ankle injury or surgery, allowing you to move around without assistance’. But, this hardly does it justice. It’s ingenious.

Until recently crutches were the go to… but ‘walking’ on crutches is not only exhausting, it causes uneven distribution of weight, aching arms and is a serious handbrake to doing day to day activities. Try carrying a cup of coffee, feeding the dogs, filling a washing machine or doing anything which falls under normal daily activities  

The knee scooter is a game-changer for patients who are forced to be non-weight bearing after an injury or surgery.   

So what makes the knee scooter so extraordinary?

You only have to ask someone who has ever needed to use crutches to understand how liberating it is.

The knee scooter is designed to:

  • Maximise mobility during your recovery from a foot injury, ankle injury or surgery
  • Allow even distribution of body weight
  • Provides more stability and support than crutches
  • Easy steering and manoeuvrability
  • Keep active when lower limb conditions prevent weight bearing

It gives freedom of movement to people with sprained ankles, foot or heel fractures, broken bones, lower limb surgery, ruptured Achilles tendons, bunions, gout, lower limb amputations and diabetes. It has been endorsed by some of the top orthopaedic surgeons in Cape Town

Linda Gawronsky, who imports the knee scooters says, ‘A few years ago my brother had extensive reconstructive surgery on both his feet. After each operation he wasn’t allowed to weight bear and was unable to walk for nearly two years. Out of pure frustration, he did some research and discovered the knee scooter in America and bought one.  After realising how it changed his life he imported 20.’  

Linda, who comes from a nursing background, took over the business and started hiring them out and says she can’t keep up with the demand! She recently added a more comprehensive range of scooters called the KneeRover to her stock. The range consists of: The Classic Knee Scooter, All Terrain Go Hybrid and All Terrain Knee Rover.  

The Classic Knee Scooter –is ideal for indoor and outdoor use where floor surfaces are fairly smooth.

All Terrain Go Hybrid – perfect for commuters, travellers, or people that need a compact and portable mobility device to navigate their busy life.

All Terrain KneeRover

For the adventurous.  It’s easy to use across various types of terrain including trails, parks, grass and gravel. It is the most versatile and advanced steerable knee scooter in the industry.

Two well-known orthopaedic surgeons have given their full endorsement  to the knee scooter. 

Dr Chris Narramore says, ‘For non-weight bearing this is the best route to go. Elderly patients also benefit enormously and there has been excellent feedback from my patients’

Dr Graham McCollum, says, ‘The knee scooter enables patients a degree of independence in that they are able to attend to their own needs and get about their homes unaided. The need for hiring carers or having family members take time off work to attend to their needs is negated.’

It has a small basket on the front which allows patients to carry item such as books, notebooks, laptops, even a handbag. The design reduces the stress crutches put on the arms and shoulders. It is also easily folded into the boot of a car. 

Health journalist, Kathy Malherbe, who Dr McCollum operated on recently says, ‘You only have to be non-weight bearing on crutches once, to know it is the most frustrating experience. It takes away your independence and even the smallest activities become mammoth tasks.’  

‘The knee scooter is your wheels to freedom…  I can scooter into the park with the dogs and managed to vacuum my house while whizzing round on it!   The scooter not only changes the way you get around, but is a rolling Prozac in terms of making the period of non-weight bearing mentally tolerable’.

Renting is quick and easy – Linda is a phone call away and will either arrange for you to collect prior to surgery or will courier to your doorstep