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About Us

Linda Gawronsky

I  started Knee Scooter South Africa in 2016 after my brother had extensive foot surgery. He couldn’t manage using crutches so looked around for an alternative. He needed something that was easy to use,  that allowed for freedom of movement  and was easy to transport.

After extensive research he found the knee scooter and this changed his life.  He could move about with ease post- operatively allowing his foot to be completely non- weight bearing which was crucial to his recovery.  This was  by far the best walking aid on the market. Unlike crutches, the knee scooter gave him the ability to be hands free and mobile, giving him independence and the ability to get back to work.

Initially I brought in a few basic scooters and the uptake was immediate. I have now extended the range to include the Classic, Go Hybrid and All Terrain kneerover scooters offering the most innovative Knee Scooters available to suit different lifestyles and budgets.

Coming from a nursing and dancing background, I am  passionate about giving you the Freedom to Move during your recovery period and  committed to providing innovative and affordable mobility solutions to get you moving as soon as possible after injury or surgery and for the duration of your recovery – free to go about your busy, active life – and have a little fun doing it! It’s all about leaving the painful crutches behind and giving you the Freedom to Move.

Based in Cape Town with a branch in Johannesburg,  we courier nationwide and  will arrange door to door  delivery / collection of your Knee Scooter. All courier fees will be for your own cost.

Advantages of the knee scooter

Designed to maximise mobility during your recovery from foot injury, ankle injury or surgery

Allows even distribution of body weight

Folds for easy transport

Easy steering and maneuverability

Keep active when lower limb conditions prevent weight bearing

Provides more stability and support than crutches

No More Crutches

The Knee Scooter, also known as a Knee Walker, is a mobility device designed to maximize mobility during your recovery from foot injury, ankle injury or surgery, thereby allowing reduced assisted living whilst recovering.

Knee Scooters provides mobility to people with sprained ankles, ankle, foot or heel fractures, broken bones, lower limb surgery, ruptured achilles tendons, bunions, gout, lower limb amputations and diabetes, providing strength and comfort to anyone who may have an injury below the knee.

It allows even distribution of body weight by supporting half of the weight on the walker and the other half on the good leg.
The scooter has a knee pad to support both the injured leg and ankle to make certain that no weight will be placed on the lower leg.
It is designed for easy steering and manoeuvrability and folds for easy storage and transport. This allows for patients to return to work much sooner as they are more mobile.

The Knee Scooter is a much safer alternative to crutches providing a comfortable, highly portable and manoeuvrable mode of transportation with stability and energy efficiency over a small footprint.

It greatly improves the quality of life by giving the patient more mobility, stability and comfort with less effort allowing the patient to get up and around and back to a near normal life-style. It therefore helps to keep you active when lower limb conditions prevent weight bearing.

Unlike crutches and wheelchairs (which limit the use of your hands), Knee Scooters free up your hands and make it easier to get around with your good leg thereby minimizing the chances that you’ll re-injure your foot or ankle.

South African Orthopedic

Association Congress


We recently exhibited at the South Africa Orthopedic Association Congress at the CTICC where our range of knee scooters, gutter cushions and cast covers were on display.

The congress was attended by orthopedic surgeons from South Africa and abroad giving us the opportunity to establish new partnerships.

Our comprehensive range of products was well received.

The Doctors were impressed that their patients would be more mobile post-operatively, allowing them to be completely non-weight bearing but at the same time giving them the freedom to move.

Giving You Freedom To Move

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

Dearest Linda, 

Just to say a big “thank you” for the lovely scooter you supplied !

You are truly wonderful in your care and in assisting your demanding clients like me! I guess you know we are not normal as the thought of what is ahead of us is frightening!

Hi Linda.  Thanks so much for introducing me to your scooter. It has been a godsend.  Without it I would have been suicidal

Barbara Moir

Hi Linda,

Just to say that the knee scooter is the best. Great freedom and movement and so easy to use

Thanks for assistance


The scooter is invaluable! .

Your brothers suffering through his foot operations and your insight to import this product for the benefit of others is brilliant. 

Thank you so much for the excellent service and… I loved using the scooter, it certainly helped in the period between being totally bedridden and being allowed to put weight on my leg again using crutches and the dreaded boot!


Knee scooter saved me !!!! It allowed me to properly rest my broken ankle while at the same time allowing me to have full use of my hands so I could continue working in my catering business.

Highly recommended and Linda was so incredibly helpful.

Linde Rawraway

I had no idea just how amazing and convenient the use of the Steerable Seated Scooter was going to be.   It allowed me freedom of movement which otherwise would have been curtailed by  the use of crutches.  

Going out over the past 6 weeks was such a pleasure.  The fact that it is a no stress collapsible commodity  which fits comfortably into the boot, certainly gets my vote!   Furthermore, the service received was excellent – friendly and kind!  


Linda from Knee scooter was an absolute pleasure to work with.

She is both efficient and friendly. What a life changer to have the knee scooter while in a cast

Hi Linda,

I wanted to check in & let you know that the scooter has been a lifesaver! I have enjoyed being able to get around so much more easily.


“A hundred times better than crutches” (Sam Troost)

“Using this scooter has been the best thing – Sam is so independent, can even cook supper! And he’s so independent which means I’m free.”(Kathie Troost – wife of patient)

Sam & Kathy Troost

Dear Linda,

How I would have coped for 64 days of no weight bearing on my right foot without the aid of your knee scooter, I honestly don’t know. If I’d had to be on crutches for that amount of time I think I might have torn my hair out.

The little basket in the front transported any number of articles from one place to another, and now I’m on crutches for a bit of weight-bearing, I miss my wheels desperately.

Avis Macintyre

It has been great I think suicide would have been the only option if I didn’t have the scooter, being my right foot Achilles tendon that was torn I cannot drive so extremely limited, but with the scooter I can get out and even go shopping with my wife much to her annoyance.

Crutches are extremely hard work I only use them on stairs otherwise it’s the scooter.

John Markland

During my vacation in Cape Town, I had an accident that left me feeling devastated, fearing I wouldn’t be able to explore this iconic city. However, thanks to the knee scooter, I didn’t miss out on any activities.

It was such a practical solution, allowing me to visit even the most remote parts of Cape Town. Plus, it added an extra element of fun to my experience. Thank you, Knee Scooter!

🙌 #CapeTown #Adventure #KneeScooterLife

What a life-saving device! I am so, so grateful to Linda for her amazing service.

I have rented her hybrid knee scooter twice already with foot surgeries and she has been a superstar. Very accommodating and truly just such a nice person.

“Thank you for this remarkable and extraordinary form of ambulation whilst she continues to convalesce.“

“I am doing really well with the scooter. I could go outside and enjoy the garden and even make lunch today. Amazing to feel more empowered!”


Thanks Linda,  I found that having the scooter was absolutely essential for getting around while I was in a cast and off my feet. The alternative of using crutches would have slowed me down considerately and been very tiring.

Alec Pienaar

Thank you oh so much for the use of the kneescooter! It was truly a blessing and enabled me to enjoy my trip to Norway on the ship. 

Tom Rogans

What a genius idea. I had foot surgery and was feeling completely incapacitated on crutches. The knee scooter was a godsend and changed my life. , I could move about with ease, carry things and feel free.

I can’t recommend it highly enough. The new generation of all terrain scooters should be even better. And Linda was an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Steve Kromberg

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