Recovering from the effects of a devastating ankle, knee or foot injury and possible surgery can be extremely frustrating. For most people, staying off their feet indefinitely just isn’t a viable option, with requirements for work, school and home ever-present. Until recently the only options for ensuring you could stay mobile were crutches and wheelchairs, each presenting its fair share of issues. With a knee scooter, those issues are a thing of the past.

Control and Maneuverability

With the Knee Scooter, you have an unprecedented amount of flexibility indoors and outdoors. Unlike wheelchairs, and painstakingly slow crutches, with a Knee Scooter you are able to make tight turns without any issues, allowing you easy access to pretty much any location. A Knee Scooter is stable enough to deal with any terrain without slipping and sliding.


Let’s face it crutches are exhausting, just moving 10 feet in them can feel like you’re walking a mile, especially if you’re on an uneven surface. The Knee Scooter is engineered to allow you to maintain a good walking pace, so you can move around and handle business without impediment.

Stay Standing

Many vital daily tasks you need to perform require you to stand, however maintaining stability on one leg using crutches or a wheelchair is precarious to say the least. With knee scooters you’re able to stay comfortable upright and balanced so that you can take care of cleaning the dishes, doing the cooking or any other chores!


While staying in a permanent seated position is hard to beat, riding a wheelchair will often require extra effort especially when travelling, due to its size. On the other hand, crutches are fairly mobile, but they require a lot of energy to move around on, plus there’s always the possibility you might reinjure your foot if you get the balance wrong. With the Knee Scooter, you get great support and cushioning for your lower body, so you can move around without worrying about bearing any weight on your injured foot, ankle or knee.